Sandra's Day is a monthly furry webcomic about the life of Sandra Lionheart and her friends Sarah & Cora Fox.


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When you have Asperger's, it's not easy to get rid of things, especially when you've needed them for so long. It's a change, and change isn't easy. I haven't had the heart to replace the bag from my PDA yet, especially when I'm feeling bad, I cling to this old bag even more.


And don't forget to wash your hands properly, it burns like hell in the eyes too.


As someone with Asperger's, this pain scale doesn't mean anything to me; it even triggers an error message for me when a doctor asks my wife this question.


I don't know if it's just me or if it's another Asperger thing, but I hate going to the doctor for something inconspicuous. Sometimes they say, when I finally went to a doctor: “You should have come much earlier”.


Yes, women also secretly scratch their crotch. Actually, a light scratch like that would promote blood circulation, but if you hit a pole the day before...


This page is an allusion to an old A Normal Life comic strip.


Sascha Brandt